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the joys of hanging with a 5 year old

I babysat a friends 5 year old today for a few hours. Their babysitter flaked so I came to the rescue last minute. One of the best days ive had in a while. We painted rocks, made blueberry muffins, biked to baskin robins(ice cream shop), walked around the block to pick a fresh flower bouqet, & looked for “waldo” until Daisy fell asleep. Not to mention it was a wonderful 70 degrees today in California 🙂


Vintage Polaroid Spirit 600


Nine dollars and ninety nine cents. SCORE. 🙂


unfortunately, they discontinued the film for this specific polaroid so there is a very limited supply of it up for sale and its slightly pricier. yucks.

Fruit…. of the neighbors

Why is it that when you take oranges, pomegranates, or any fruit off of someone else’s tree it just taste A LOT better than if you go to the store and buy it?


Thanks camrose & whitehall neighbors.

new blog, i think so.

Sitting in the library for 4 plus hours became exhausting so I took a study break and made a blog. Im new to wordpress specifically so Im getting a tad bit used to everything on here.

Another short study break earlier led me to cyber surfing and I stumbled upon an amazing 6 year old boy, Josiah, and the saddening challenges of his life. BUT Josiah loves baseball & is extremely passionate about it. I hate to start a blog with a sad posting but do watch this video. So very much worth your time. ENJOY.